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3 Reasons Why You Should Issue Your Tenant an Eviction Notice



Serving an eviction notice is within your right as a property owner provided you have just cause to do so. Bear in mind you simply can’t ask a tenant to vacate on a whim. It can even get worse if you ask them to clear out because you don’t like them. If you do then you might end up with a discrimination lawsuit on your hands.

To keep this from happening, we highlight three reasons when it’s within your legal rights to give a notice of eviction. By knowing this, you stand a better chance of getting a judge to side with you if your case ends up in a court of law.

Your Tenant Fails to Pay The Rent

This is the basic reason why any property owner wants a tenant out. If they can’t pay rent then you don’t make money. However,  the judge can rule in favor of your non-paying tenant if the rental you provide isn’t fit for human occupancy. If so, then you’ll have a bigger problem than just the eviction.

Your Tenant Violates their Lease Agreement

The lease is a binding agreement between you as the property owner and your tenant. Hence, you are both bound to follow it. However, it’s not always the case in real life. Although some leniency is afforded a guilty tenant. This means giving them at the most up to 30 days to make amends for their violation.

The conditions of a lease agreement often state a no pet policy, a ban on unapproved guests as well as those overstaying, and inappropriate use of the rental. Constant complaints from neighbors about your tenant can also be grounds for eviction. Take note, the police monitor the number of complaints they receive. When it’s too much then they’ll likely penalize you since you’re the property owner on record.

Your Tenant Engages in Illegal Activities on Your Property

Committing a crime or engaging in any form of illegal activity on your property are serious grounds for eviction. Depending on which state you live in, you can issue a 24-hour eviction notice once you’ve established any criminal activity especially those drug-related on your premises.

If you live in Texas and your tenant is involved in an act of public indecency, you are within your rights to terminate their lease at once. Knowing your rights as a property owner beforehand can save you from unwarranted grief from an unruly tenant.

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