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Advantages and Disadvantages to Outdoor Pergolas



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Outdoor pergolas are very beautiful structures but like all the other things it is also having its pros and cons.

Many people want the structure which does not require to take care of. Many interior designers are hearing these words like zero maintenance. They are wanting something which will withstand the test of the time and will come out looking like the same as new.

It cannot be possible to do this. But it is possible to reduce the maintenance of pergola by selecting the pergola that is made up of the right selected materials. Many of these materials are strong and light and can be already used.

Wooden Pergolas

Wood is a very resilient substance and is regularly used for building the furniture of the garden.


  • Price Effective
  • Pressure-treated woods are very cheaper in the market. The price has risen for the cedar but it is also very decent.
  • This wood is easily available locally so anyone can buy no matter where they are living around the world.
  • Wood is very easy to use and if the carpenter who is very well skilled in the wooden handicrafts then it would be a very good option for you
  • A lot of information is easily available on all types of wood availability. Also which wood can be used, all this knowledge is very important when you are deciding on building the outdoor pergola from it.



  • Wood is coming with a heavyweight. Although cedar is light in weight, the pressure treated type of wood is very heavy. When you are constructing the footers then these criteria must be considered also for the attachment of deck.
  • The span distance is another con that depends on the size of the boards which you want to use in the project. Span distance is also an issue.
  • Pressure-treated wooden pergola is left to the areas that will be able to crack, wrap or can be moved in the direction which you don’t want. Cedar is also the most desirable wood, but unsupported runs and overhangs will be needed for keeping the watch and awareness of how wood is behaving.
  • If you want that the wood should look at its best then you must maintain it by staining and painting it. There is no treatment like a lifetime so you have to regularly stain and paint the wooden structure.
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