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All you need to know about Fridge Spinner



Fidget spinner, a most popular toy among the school children.  This toy became very famous from the past few months. This toy is not dedicated to any age group. Basically it was designed to help the people suffering from ADHD, Autism and anxiety disorders. But now it became very popular play among the school children. They are many videos uploaded showing how one can twist these spinners in various ways. These spinning methods made this spinner very popular toy for this era. Not only kids we can find this even in the hand of some adults. The reason that the adults gave for using this toy is that it acts as a stress reliever and controls nervousness. The spinners which are basically designed for a special purpose are now turning into attractive objects. They are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some branded fidget spinners are also appended with sounds and LED-lights. These things are attracting kids and adults a lot.

Things to Know

  • If you are a fidget user or you want to purchase one the here are few thing that every fidget user should be aware of.
  • It is said that Catherine Hettinger designed this spinner as a stress reliever in children and especially for her daughter who is suffering from a muscle weakness. She is holding the patents up to 2005 and later she discontinued the patents.
  • It is said that these spinners are used to especially for hyperactive disordered or autism children. But it is not scientifically proven that this would create some impact on the people suffering from these disorders.
  • According to its creator, this tool would help to forgo the stress and increase the focus on the activity we are doing. But many schools banned the usage of these spinners in the campus stating that they are getting distracted from class. Sometime due to high-end models students surrounding them are also getting disturbed.
  • These branded fidget spinners are priced from $2 and vary according to the model we are choosing and it is light weighted toy. This is the toy that is available for all age groups.

  • At a particular point the distributor was unable to supply these spinners according to the demand in the market.
  • Fidget spinners show the use of ball bearings. These ball bearings are used to reducethe friction allowing the toys to rotate in the orbit for a long time. To the edge of each wing of the spinner a circular channels are attached in order to manage the twisting force.
  • Some fidget spinners are made of plastic that might be harmful for your children. So before purchasing please go through the material used.
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