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Anavar Clen Cycle And Dosages



Anavar or clen are not used singularly, and they form a great combo, both complement each other and the benefits are definitely seen in the users. The stack is very efficient during the cutting phase of the cycle. It helps to reduce weight significantly especially from all the stubborn areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. There is also a prominent usage of this stack, it increases the metabolism rate of the body so there is constant energy supply to work out more.

Anavar and clen stacks have been used both by men and women and they are quite effective in weight loss and fat shredding process in the body. The interesting fact of following a Anavar clen cycle is you will always retain lean muscle irrespective of the weight loss. The energy levels are high and the recovery rate from the wear and tear of strenuous workouts is faster.

Women have found this an amazing combo that has helped women always grapple with weight issues throughout their lives. The stubborn fat deposits around the abdominal, buttocks and thigh regions which diet and exercise alone will not solve. It is found to work on the metabolism by increasing it significantly to burn the fat and release energy in the process which helps you in your workouts.

Dosages for Anavar clen cycle are

The dosages can begin as low as 50mg and gradually increasing it to 60mg-80mg per day for males while using Anavar. Clen on the other hand is 40mcg per day. Women can take a dosage of 10mg-20mg per day of Anavar with clen dosage of 20mcg per day. Regular women users have taken 150mcg per day but this is not recommended for long term cycle use.

Both men and women should ideally begin with lower dosages as to safeguard their health against side defects posed by the use both steroids. Clembuterol oxandrolona ciclo are non prescription drugs and are not approved by the FDA for human consumption. Care and precautionary measures are to be taken as the drugs are highly potent.

Four to six weeks of cycle will definitely provide results but some users may extent the cycle to ten weeks, in this case appropriate gaps or breaks have to taken so that the body is not harmed. The results should not be compared to others following the stack as every individual has different levels of reacting to steroids. But it definitely has an impact on your weight and energy levels.

How the cycle has to be followed

Clen has a thumb rule which as been followed all the time. Two weeks in and two weeks out or two days in and two days out can be followed, this way the body doesn’t completely gets shocked with a continuous thrust of steroids bombarding your system. The negative impacts can be reduced by not prolonging the usage and not overdosing to achieve faster results.

Benefits of stacking clen and Anavar

  • It helps in retaining lean muscle
  • It is good at shredding fat
  • Helps in the repair and recovery of muscle tissues caused due to wear and tear.
  • Increases the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Is less toxic to the liver
  • Very effective in women
  • Even low doses give good results
  • Decreases the appetite


A very good stack for beginners and veterans too. Anavar and clen have always proved to be the best in shedding weight and cutting through fat and giving a fabulous body at the end of the cycle.


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