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Avast antivirus – a leading security application



Avast antivirus is a leading security application developed by Avast Software. It is quiet efficient in dealing with all kinds of internet threats and offers features like firewall, anti phishing, anti spyware and many more other than the regular antivirus. The software has been designed to be compatible across all operating systems like windows, mac and android. Available in more than 45 languages the software can fit all budgets. This is due to the fact that is available in three different packages namely Avast free antivirus, pro antivirus, internet security and lastly Avast Premier. Other than these they also have package to suit your official needs and is called Avast for Business.

darmowy antywirus

The free version of the antivirus has a very limited set of features like blocking viruses, trojans, ransomware and other such threats. Other then this they scan for any intruders in your wi fi network and secure your passwords. Also you get a secure web browser as well. Unlike other free softwares Avast provides a little extra in terms of benefits. The free version is quiet apt for home usage but if you wish to upgrade then there are other products as well. For example Avast Pro Antivirus that includes the features of the free version with some added ones. Similarly there are other products as well that are a bit costly but come with some of the latest features apart from the benefits of the free version. Like off late the software comes with an extra layer of ransomware security that keeps your personal as well as official documents safe. Not only this, there are other features like webcam and behavior shield also. The former prevents unauthorised access t your webcam and the later helps monitor suspicious behaviour in real time. The company constantly keeps upgrading to match up with all the latest threats hence are a preferred choice for many.

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