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Benzodiazepine- an overview



A recent survey quoted that nearly 20 percentage of the world population suffer from anxiety and sometimes may be more than just anxiety. In day to day life people tend to face a variety of situations that trigger their emotions constantly such as work pressure, family problems or just regular worries, however, when worries tend to go beyond normal levels then it is anxiety that sets in. Anxiety if not treated in a timely manner may give rise to other probably more severe symptoms, depression and insomnia are some that can be thought about from a clinical diagnosis point of view.There are many treatment protocols that are available and can these disorders be controlled in their symptomatic manifestation if caught and treated on time. Apart from initial therapy, medication is considered as one of the best and dependable remedy so far asthis option is easy to both administer and consume as well as efficient in terms of effect. However, it is always recommended to consult a physician as soon as you come across the first symptom. Moreover, prolonged use of any drugs or medication related to such condition can lead to drug dependency, drug tolerance and sometimes, addiction that may result in drug abuse, which according to recent studies are at higher rates than ever. One such medication (drug) is benzodiazepine and in more than one instance, those who sought the use of this medicine, ended up actually abusing it and hence, had to opt for benzodiazepines detox.

Few things about the drug

A few pointers on this drug, technically speaking they belong to the category of Tranquilizers and in a more local way is known as benzos. This drug is prescribed to treat a wide array of medical conditions such as Insomnia, Depression and Alcohol withdrawal, certain conditions involving muscle spasm. Because these drugs act on the central nervous system, they have been known to reduce anxiety, relax muscles as well as induce a sedation like state. Very rarely they are also used in dental procedures. These drugs are actually intended for short term usage, the primary reason being that an individual is highly susceptible to developing drug tolerance and on a more prolonged usage, drug depending which might lead to the requirement of Benzodiazepines Detox, something that has to be absolutely taken on a very serious note. Because the symptoms of detoxification carry the potential of fatality, professional medical care is highly advisable moreover, what is necessary is that an individual weans off these drugs in the right way. The withdrawal timelines most commonly depend upon which type of drug the individual has been taking and would vary accordingly, wherein, the short acting drugs would exhibit shorter, but tougher withdrawal symptoms whereas, the long acting drugs would more often than not take longer periods for an individual to taper off.


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