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Benzodiazepine Detox – The Importance



Benzodiazepine is a powerful drug which is effective in the many drug addiction programs. They act directly on the brain and block the pleasurable effects of taking drugs. However they come with harmful side effect of becoming fully dependent on these drugs. It is an anti-anxiety drug and also muscle relaxants. The detoxification process needs to be followed with a protocol prescribed by medical practitioner and it is not meant for a longer use. It causes adverse and severe harmful effects and withdrawal difficulties. The detoxification process is supplemented with nutritious foods and exercise surrounded by pure air. Though Benzodiazepine detox shows withdrawal difficulties and is resolved through latest medical procedures, but few symptoms may sustainlonger in life.

Importance of treatment

The treatment is important in someone with history of drug abuse and dependence. The drug should be prescribed for lowest possible doses and lowest possible duration like 2-4 weeks. The short-acting benzodiazepines can be very effective in a person to show withdrawal symptoms even at low duration. Hence it is always advisable to use low doses to control symptoms like anxiety, insomnia. It can be also used for hypnotic attacks but only intermittent use is advisable. A caution is required when prescribing benzodiazepines detox to elderly patients as they are more prone to adverse effects.

The patients having drug addiction problem can be prescribed this process. Benzodiazepine has a risk of getting addicted in the complete process and it is not possible to treat addiction of other drugs and Benzodiazepine together. The drugs like Flumazenil can help in coming out of the addiction by controlling it withdrawal symptoms.

Hence these patients are advised to consult both therapist and psychiatrist at the same time to have positive results.

Managing Benzodiazepine dependence

Assessing the situation of dependence is the first and foremost step to manage it. Counselling about the harmful effects and causing motivation under the experienced consultant is a must as it causes positive results. They also provide behavioural and supportive therapies along with relaxation techniques. They also decide if any medication required which could supress these symptoms based on the necessity. The most important step would be gradual reduction of dose and it may take 3 months to an year to come to a normal state.

There are few drugs like Xanax,Klonopin, Valium, Ativan and Ambien which are more prevalent benzodiazepine in market.  Xanax is used in anxiety disorders and it shows harmful effects when used over extended periods. Klonopin is used in seizures and panic disorders and it is intermediary acting Benzodiazepine. Muscle spasms and treating alcohol addiction is done by Valium. It takes long time to act on body and shows lesser effect on body but positive results. Ambien is used in sleep disorders.


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