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Choose Your Cigar Based On Your Personal Taste



Even before, cigars have been a staple among the wealthy and those with refined taste. Just like wine, cigars should be stored in a humidity-controlled room or box called the Humidors. It can be frustrating for those who lack knowledge when it comes to cigars, but once you enter several cigar clubs, you’ll notice that humidors are very important for storing cigars. The most important reason is that it prevents the cigar from rotting or drying. Too much moisture or too little moisture will do that, so the humidity has to be balanced.

If you are ready to choose your cigar, you should know a few tips so you can thoroughly enjoy it. You’ll be a master when it comes to picking cigars in no time with the help of these simple suggestions.

Looking For the Perfect Cigar

It can be a challenging feat for a first-time cigar smoker looking for the perfect cigar that will fit your standards. There are many things to consider, so here are a few tips to help you start.

    1. Know What Shape You Want – There are two most common shapes; Figurados and Parejos. Figurados are those that are bullet-shaped, while the Parejos are open, and you need to cut the other end to have something to draw on.
  1. Find Your Size – It is also essential that you know your limit. Though the size will not affect the quality of the cigar, it can affect your experience. Measure its length and ring gauge to see what you want.
  2. Check for Rates – Like Amazon, the reviews are to be considered when buying a cigar. Here’s a classic rating:
  • 0-69 – Poor
  • 70-79 – Average to Good
  • 80-89 – Very Good to Excellent
  • 90-94 – Outstanding
  • 95-100 – Classic


Are the Tips Worth It?

Of course, if you don’t want to be lost while inside the cigar club and look for a cigar blindly, you should at least have an idea of what you need to do. Otherwise, you will have a first bad experience with cigars. Follow these steps, and you’ll be golden.


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