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Who is a counsellor? Well, a counsellor is one who empowers his or her clients to become self sufficient and discover themselves, their strengths, their weakness and work towards building their confidence. A counsellor helps individuals, families and groups too. He or she assesses their client’s situation and helps them to plan for their future by developing helpful strategies. This also includes understanding crisis and developing a strategic plan to overcome such situations.

Are you planning to become a counsellor in future too? There are many Recognised counselling courses singapore that aim to help the students to learn the nitty-gritty of everything that a counsellor should know. They give practical solutions that help students to incorporate the learning which also helps in shaping their career better and perform the role of a dedicated Career Counselling Practitioner.

 Recognised counselling courses Singapore include,

Graduate certificate of counselling

Graduate diploma of counselling

Master of counselling(Advanced)

Graduate certificate/graduate diploma in clinical supervision

Certificate in basic counselling competency

Graduate certificate in specialist forensic assessment & risk management

These are the different post graduate counselling courses for individuals interested in becoming professional counsellors. They should be committed in fulfilling the learning needs of future professional counsellors. Specialised courses and further training on the same help the students to sharpen the skill sets and thus become domain experts in future. This is where the importance of learning from a professional institute comes into the picture.


As a counsellor, a professional has immense responsibility of handling their client’s mental health in the right way. Hence, the importance of learning it thoroughly cannot be stressed enough.

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