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Customized Fidget Spinners as promotional tool



Fidget spinners became very famous in 2017. We can find this toy in the hands of many school children. It is said these spinners will act as stress relievers and will help in increasing the focus. These branded fidget spinners are used for the treatment of people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also called as ADHD, autism and anxiety. Though they are no scientific evidence proving this but they are many people who gave positive reviews about this product. As these spinners come in various shapes and colors, it attracted kids a lot. Even some spinners are embedded with LED lights and sound effects for low cost. In fact there is no toy available in the market at that price. It also gives fun to children. Many high school children using these spinners performed various tricks and spins. They are been uploaded in various social media sites also.  Many schools also banned these spinners as they are distracting the students around also. Doctors never deny the fact that these spinners are acting as a stress reliever among all the age groups.

The Features

It is a small device which has ball bearings. Using these ball bearings one can rotate the spinner in between his fingers or in the axis. The most challenging part of these spinners is tossing, transferring from one axis to another before the spin gets stopped. These twists and twirls of fridge made it an interesting toy among school goers.

These are made up of plastic or metal or combination of both. In the center you will have a button on which will act as a base for the spinner. Holding this center and rotate it. The spinner goes around in the axis for a moment. If you observe the movement it will look like a rotating fan. They can be spun between the fingers or with practice, on the fingers. The spin can go on for a couple of minutes and can bring a pleasing and calming effect to oneself.

Various custom fidget spinners are available in the market. These spinners come in various sizes, shapes and colors. These spinners can also be used as a promotional gift for their employees. Many companies are opting these spinners for their employees as they act as a stress reliever. Apart these spinners act as low cost advertising material.  These spinners can also be customized according to the need of the organization. One can have their logo printed in the center of the spinner. More attractive formats are also available, like displaying light around the logo or some high-end models are also available. Apart from the classic design there are disk model and high-end designed spinners available in the market which can be customized according to the need of the corporate.

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