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Difference between Cargo and freight



The words cargo and freight are misunderstood by most of them. Even though there are few similarities in them but the meaning of both the words is different. The people who are working in cargo logistics company should be aware of the difference between these words else there may be a chance that you get confused.

  • If we look at these two words in traditional ways, then the main difference between them depends on the vehicles used to carry goods. When we have to refer the air freight, then we call them cargo planes, but they are never called air freight planes. In the same way, the goods when carried through oceans are called cargo ships and not freight ships.
  • On the other hand, when the goods are carried through the lands way are called freight trains but you will very rarely hear from some calling it as cargo trains. The long trucks which carry heavy loads on them are called freight trucks.
  • So in traditional language, freight is the word used when the goods are carried through trains or trucks. And the word cargo is used when the goods are carried through the air or sea. Whatever may be the methods of carrying the goods but both are used to transport the goods.
  • One another important rule regarding the mail is that whether they are in bundle, package, or parcel they all are called cargo. Whatever type of vehicle they use like train, airway, etc but it is never termed as freight.
  • If we think in the terms of logistics the word cargo is only used for the transportation of goods there is no cost attached to it. But at the same time when we talk about freight, it also refers to the payment of the transportation.

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Hope the above information clears all your confusion between the cargo and freight.

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