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Digital entrepreneurs take the witness of the renewal in the way of educating



The current educational model is outdated for the digital era. The technologies are introduced into the classroom by innovative startups and entrepreneurs, who contemplate both the needs of students and teachers. It is the key to change

Focus on content and attention to diversity

Facilitating the use of technology by teachers, among other things, by providing them with content. In this sense, B triple also stands out, founded by four engineers working in the educational field, who have created Ninus, a platform aimed at children under 6 years old that projects interactive audiovisual contents on the ground. Thus children are protagonists of the content entering the projection and interacting with it through movements, gestures, and voice. In it, the teacher can choose ready-made contents or adapt them to the needs of his class, even create them from scratch through Scratch. “Ninus is a suitable platform for all types of teachers and schools, from the most motivated who prefer to prepare their own content, to those who are less well-suited to the creation of technological content (or less time available to develop it). In addition, the content developed by the teachers can be shared online with other teachers through a web platform.

Importance of technology in growing companies

Technology by and for entrepreneurship

The globalization, click here for info together with technological advances, has managed to close the gap, reducing cultural gaps and improve economies and businesses. In this way, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the easy access to new digital tools to enhance their business and reach new customers, who go from being local, to national and even many times, international.

Currently, a place or an office can be simply a mobile phone, providing the facility to serve customers from anywhere in the world. Communication is made efficient, thanks to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, and even, online sales pages. In this way, technology and entrepreneurship come together to invite entrepreneurs to develop innovative and creative processes that improve, cheapen and optimize their resources.

If the three fundamental elements of social entrepreneurship are the social mission, innovation and the generation of market income and new technologies are a powerful resource for social entrepreneurs in the European Union, then we should observe the effects of the use of new technologies in each one of those three factors. We start from the hypothesis that new technologies to improve the independence of social enterprises from their environment and therefore positively affect the three fundamental elements of social entrepreneurship: social mission, innovation and the generation of market income.

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