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Ensure Your Safety With Pepper Spray



Safety With Pepper Spray

Are you afraid of going out at night? Do shadows scare you? Is the slight sound of something moving sufficient to freak you? Oh dear! Stop being afraid, time has come for you to realize that your safety lies in your own hand. Stop being dependent on others for help, their shade will not be there to save you always.

Now with modern defense mechanisms there is no need to be afraid. Keep a pepper spray in your jeans pocket and venture out to face the world.

modern defense mechanisms

What Is Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray is a lachrymatory agent and is used for many purposes from self defense to riot control and crowd regulation.It causes reddening of the eyes, burning leading to tears and temporary blindness.

It is the most convenient way to ensure crowd monitoring and self defense, fully legal and easy to carry without exposing it to others eyes. It can be used anytime as a tool for protection and the only thing you need to do is to open the cap and swoosh!! Your offender is on the ground and you have sufficient time to hide and find a safe place.

As a crowd control tool, it does not cause any long lasting effects and hence can be fired openly on mass.

What Happens To The Victim Of Pepper Spray?

When pepper spray comes in contact with eyes it causes a burning sensation and forces the eye to shut up. The mucous membrane in the eyes, nose and throat and lungs of the victim is affected. The effect may stay for thirty minutes to one hour making it difficult for the person to breathe and see. The lungs inhale pepper spray and try to breathe but the body of the victim may behave awkwardly not following brain signals desperately trying to eject the particles from body.

It may also lead to permanent damage, but that is seen in very few cases, otherwise the tool is safest of all options available in the market and is totally non- lethal for the user and victim.

So keep a pepper spray as safety aid and go out to rock the world fearless.

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