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Few Simple Tips for Low Cost Home Construction



Few Simple Tips for Low Cost Home Construction

Today, due to advanced technology and methods it is possible to have low cost housing construction. By using low cost building materials and planning it is possible for people to build low budget homes. Below you will come across with some guidelines and techniques for Low Cost Home Construction with careful planning.

Selection of Load Bearing and Framed Structures for Low Cost Home Construction

When it comes to design the layout plan for any construction, it is necessary to focus mainly on structure. This is the first area of concern and people must prefer the load bearing structure rather than using framed structure. There are many benefits in lead bearing structure for Low Cost Home Construction.

  • It is cheaper than the normal low rising structure and the cost of construction is also low
  • It is easy to construct and requires very less time
  • It is flexible too

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Foundation for Low Cost Home Construction

When it comes to foundation of a building, you need to carefully concentrate on it as it is the basic aspect of construction project. The cost of foundation is 10-15 percent of the total cost of construction. The depth of the foundation must be 4-5 feet deep in earth, but in normal soil it must be of 2 feet deep in soil. This will save lot of money in foundation construction. For soft soil condition the depth must be more than 5 feet.

Filler Slabs for Ceilings

This is basically the normal RCC slabs where the bottom concrete needs to be replaced with filler materials like tiles, bricks and cellular blocks. This type of ceiling is not robust enough like RCC slabs, but they are economical and affordable and safe to use.


Low Cost Home Construction is possible with proper planning and low cost building materials and by using alternatives without compromising the strengths and materials being used. Consult the certified and highly experienced professionals in the field to get the idea of Low Cost Home Construction.

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