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Do you love to travel? Obliviously, yes would be your answer because it’s the best way to meet new people.  One just can’t stop admiring certain country’s majesty that’s filled with eye-popping attractive places and varied landscapes when you’re on a vacation. Before you plan the places to visit in that particular country, make sure you ask for the best from the travel expert.

Alright, discovering your way own on holiday is adventurous and exciting, but don’t settle for less and miss out the city’s best part. The United States is filled with majestic mountains and striking coastlines from all directions.

If you want to learn more about adventurous places in America then here are some great options that you take into consideration to include while traveling.

1.         Hershey, Pennsylvania

If you’re a chocolate lover then visit Hershey, which has the famous chocolate world and Hershey Park. This park has some awesome golf course and if you’re interested in learning antique facts you can visit Hershey Gardens for the Antique Auto Museum.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

2.         Seattle, Washington

The city is special because it’s filled with abundant trees, water, and mountains and Seattle is called “Emerald City.” Seattle has around 450 plus city parks with 3 national parks and 6 ski resorts. Many people tell Seattle is an outdoor-lovers paradise and you’ll figure out when you take a tour around the city.

3.         Ketchum, Idaho

If you’re a ski lover then head to Sun Valley and has the first ski resort in America. Sun Valley is located next to the Ketchum town and you can experience the natural snow bunny’s paradise. Around Ketchum, you can find the Sawtooth Mountains, the White Clouds, the Boulders, and the Pioneers, which provides the endless possibilities to experience the world-class skiing.

4.         Grand Marais, Minnesota

It’s a tiny one-stoplight town that’s in between the Lake Superior and Superior National Forest, which has the only metropolis in the Cook Province. The town has plenty of outdoor activities and with the huge options to relax, such as restaurants, microbreweries, and shops.

5.         Durango, Colorado

Todd Wells, three-time Olympic mountain biker tells, don’t move to Durango for a job; instead move here to experience some world-class kayaking, biking, and other exciting outdoor activities.

6.         Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, the land of adventurous also called “City of Subdued Excitement” which is amazing for travel explores. You can find the San Juan Islands to enjoy the excellent whale-watching and sea kayaking opportunities. A 90-minute drive toward East you can visit the peaks of North cascades National Park.

7.         Hanalei, Hawaii

If skiing and snow is not major interesting part to explore in your traveling then visit Hanalei for a tropical paradise, which sounds appealing. This part of the country offers surfing option and also activities, like hiking to waterfalls, horseback riding, and much more on-going vacation activities to sit back and relax in beaches.

Seattle, Washington

8.         Ludington, Michigan

This city covers the best waterfront real estate on Lake Michigan, which has the tranquil lighthouses. If you want to explore sandy dunes, swimming and paddling then pay a visit to Michigan. Ludington State Park and the next-door Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area have combined ten miles lakefront property, which is perfect for biking and hiking.

Stay healthy while you travel

No matter if you’re your passion is traveling or not, but there are certain places around the world that you have to visit once in your lifetime.

If you’re traveling on a business purpose or for pleasure, make sure you follow the same regime to keep your health optimal while traveling.

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