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Furniture assembly – service when moving



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On request, the specialists at best company will take care of the complete assembly of the furniture, which is necessary when moving house. Since they rely on trained specialists for assembly, we can easily implement almost any challenge. This affects both the dismantling of the furniture when moving out and the assembly of the furniture when moving in. The dismantling and assembly service saves you valuable time, which you can spend on other important things during the move. In addition, difficult assembly work can also be carried out by the craftsmen, since the right tools are often not available in the household.

Together with you, handyman jobs in Spicewood plan all the work that needs to be done and the fitter implements the agreed points on the day of the move.They determine the costs after we know all the important points and give you a fixed price.

They can also assure you of an appointment at short notice. Otherwise, they will plan the installation precisely on the day you move. You just have to guarantee unrestricted access to your furniture.

Advantages of the furniture assembly service:

  • time saving
  • Use the competence of our trained employees
  • They almost always have the right tool with us
  • Problematic structures are implemented directly and professionally
  • Perfect furniture assembly in the new living environment
  • Individual moves, object moves and disposal with the highest service standard. Use our all-round carefree service!

Furniture assembly with additional services

A professional assembly service deals with the precise, stable assembly of the furniture. If necessary, the fitters also take on the measurement work and the cutting of filler strips. As a further service, the assembly companies also offer their support for furniture assembly when moving . The production of special components and a perfect adaptation are also among the typical additional services of the specialist companies.

The companies charge either an hourly rate or a fixed price for the assembly of the furniture and for the other services offered. Some assembly services also have price lists that are based on the respective pieces of furniture. In the case of a large wall of shelves, the calculation can possibly be made in square meters.

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