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Not every video game that you see on the television or the internet is appropriate for all of the children, there are violent games that have strict rating imposed by the rating board and the developers, but one game stands out when it comes to child-friendly games, and it is Roblox.

Roblox is a very popular online multiplayer game that is similar to Minecraft but way much bigger and way more modified games to play within it. Since launching in 2006, Roblox has grown to a massive 30 million active users around the world, and the majority of it is children.

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Roblox primarily focuses on an online platform which creates a host from user or player made games where other players can play in it as well. Players have the freedom to choose their preferred genre of games that other players build using the in-game developing tools to build your own gaming world within the Roblox universe. These games can be anything from races, mazes, obstacle courses, player versus player, puzzle, and more. Some games must even need some moderator or disclaimer because it is violent for younger players.

So, is Roblox violent for kids to play?

Well, not entirely, and in fact, only a small percentage of this games that players develop are violent and if you personally play the game that has a shoot and kills genres, there is no even blood spilled or gory content that makes your stomach turn upside down. In fact, these violent themed games do not allow players to display gore and too much violence, that it only lets you shoot and take down your enemies, monsters or zombies perhaps in the game. To make it simple, its violence is very mild, and the game is purely fun.

So, why was this kind of mild violence possible but not to other games?

It is simple, the developers of Roblox decided to make the game have a mild violence considering that majority of their gamers are children which are ages six and above. Roblox is designed to enhance the creativity of the games at the same time have fun playing for a house because the developers let the players design and play their own game within the Roblox universe where other players can play it online. Some games are rated General and Parental Guidance (PG) which are all suitable for younger children to play with parental controls that are set up while there is also strict parental supervision.

The developers also made sure that players who have under-13 years old accounts are automatically restricted to some games that contain violence while privacy settings and account restrictions are enabled for accounts even for those who are 13-years old and above.

But still, since the Roblox universe is so vast that the developers cannot monitor everything that their 30-million players create, there is still a risk from strangers that offer adult content and pornographic gameplay to children as a way to lure them. That is why Roblox have certain rules and regulations that must be strictly followed where players are barred from playing the game if they use profane words or exhibits pornographic content in their accounts. Players can also report other players who swear or uses pornographic materials during the game.

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