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Gamming Community And Culture  In Korea



In Korea people don’t dream to become a doctor or engineer instead becoming a professional gamer is the dream of every youth. There are loads of reasons behind this motivation like you earns plenty of good money, you are equal to a celebrity and you also make your country proud. South Korea is popularly known for the culture of online gaming. It is also the 5th largest   and 3rd largest APAC recognized in the gaming world. This means Gamming community in Korea is pretty huge. The world’s largest gaming event was also held in Korea (G-Star) Busan that attracted millions of people from all around the world.

What about gamers?

The gamers in Korea are between 21- 35 years and 75% of them are males. In South Korea going to couples going to clubs is as common as going to theatres. The two main reasons why people prefer gaming clubs is to get rid of the stress and for fun and the most important thing is that it is a social activity.  In Korea gaming activities don’t take place at homes, but outside homes in gaming rooms which are called PC bangs. There are more than twenty thousand gaming centers in Korea where players pay hourly fee to play games.

Korea lag behinds in competition and its biggest competition is Japan but the gaming industry is soon going to take over in future as the trends are increasing at a rapid speed and more and more people are getting involved in gaming world. There are many people in koura who are addicted to playing games and it is advised to the Korean families to play games together to avoid the addiction. Gamming community in Korea is definitely booming, but it is also becoming   an issue as more and more people are getting addicted to it.


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