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There are several causes of facial pain that a patient can get. These embrace dental issues, sinus or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) problems, and nerve conditions. So typically microorganism health problems might also achieve similar symptoms. Hence, an intensive analysis by a trained specialist is vital in managing this condition. In Singapore at Novena, facial pain is common without delay treatable. Nerve pain which also referred to as Neuralgia could be a common reason behind facial pain.

And some common facial neuralgias are post-herpetic neuralgia and neuralgia. Post-herpetic neurology usually arises when a shingles episode, whereas neuralgia, could manifest for a large form of reasons. These would force elaborated assessments and treatment for effective pain management.

Seeking the herpetic neuralgia treatment

It can be nerve pain arising when a herpes zoster or shingles infection. This usually lasts over 3 weeks when a shingles episode. The pain is often represented to be electric-like, sharp, and related to sensitivity to touching and even ingestion or drinking. The treatment for herpetic neuralgia which you will get at Novena includes a review by a pain specialist, topical creams or patches, pain relievers, and nerve medications.

The pain will sometimes be known about within the forehead. The most common treatment modalities embrace nerve medications, pain relievers, pain management procedures like Radiofrequency Ablation, or surgical decompression. These are the foremost established treatment choices for trigeminal neuralgia singapore. The pain specialists at the Novena Pain Management Centre in Singapore are committed to providing you an effective pain relief management.

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