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Getting to Know the Most Misunderstood Dog Breed: The Pit Bull



mastered Pit Bull dog

The Pit bull is, definitely, the most misinterpreted dog. Actually, one of the most misunderstood factor about it is it’s genealogy or how a pit bull became a pit bull. Pit bulls were created by breeding bulldogs and terriers but would also refer to dogs that display physical characteristics such as a square shape head and a bulky body type. To some, it’s simply a replacement for the United States Pit Bull Terrier. To others, it refers to a group of breeds that includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and possibly other similar-looking dogs.

Misunderstood Dog Breed

The Pit Bull is the type of dog that was bred for various activities. The unique Pit Bull Types were produced as fighting pets that were the results of bull-baiting dogs being crossbred. The different Pitbull types were used as predators, livestock drivers, catch dogs, and family pet partner. Unfortunately these Pit Bull types were also used for blood sport activities like cock-fighting, bull-baiting, and bear-baiting. The practice still carries on today, but fortunately blood sports activities are now illegal in many countries. Check out these pitbull dog facts and see how amazing these dogs can be.

They come from violent beginnings

Pit bulls were bred for a brutal way of life in England. The bulldog was surpassed with either the white-colored British terrier or the black-and-tan terrier to make powerfully-built pets for bpitbull dog factsattling. Blood sport activities such as bull and bear baiting were popular in England as early as the 1200s. Dogs would get into sets and battle the massive creatures for entertainment (hence the name). When baiting became illegal in England in the Nineteenth century, pit bulls were turned on each other and illegal dog battling became frequent.


Pit Bulls are powerful, energetic, nimble and highly powerful pets. They are also very practical and motivated.  “Determination” is one of their notable characteristics.  Whatever they set out to do, they will put their core into it.  Whether it’s getting out of an inadequately fenced secured neighborhood or ruining your new sofa when left home alone or going up into your lap to give you with many smooches – they just don’t quit or tire quickly.

The personality

A well-bred and a mastered Pit Bull dog is peaceful, faithful, reliable and good-natured. Socializing and companionship are vital for the dog. This process can avoid it from being too aggressive. However, a Pit Bull can be obedient and will react well to owners who makes sure that rules are followed and who’s firm with them. The dog may still react aggressively to unknown people though this will differ based on how it was trained and cared for socially.

Pit Bulls don’t always growl or show aggressive gestures before attacking. They are also more likely than other breeds to strike a dog that has rolled over in submission. Like other dogs, Pit Bulls react well to training techniques that use beneficial encouragement. This can consist of spoken compliment, snacks, adoring swings and tummy rubs, a game, or a walk.  It’s important to properly interact Pit Bulls socially with people and pets in order for them to develop into well-behaved mature pets.

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