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Ophthalmetry is a provider of ophthalmic instruments and equipment from the world’s leading brands that is based in Singapore. We offer customers innovative and affordable products in the field of eye – care. The company takes pride in being one of the largest suppliers of used ophthalmology equipment in ASIA. From Fundus Cameras to handheld autorefractors, it offers a wide selection of the best equipment there is.

Driven by our dedication to provide satisfaction to our customers, we make it sure that we bring them the formidable combination of integrity and customer satisfaction.

Quality Service

As a business entity, our company is driven by the motivation to improve every facet of what it does. We always bring integrity and honesty in every transaction that we have. Customer satisfaction is the company’s ultimate goal. That is why it makes sure that it only offers premium and quality ophthalmic instruments and equipment to its clients. It continues to work in the preservation of efficiency and hard work within the organization resulting to better products and faster service for customers who entrusts us with our needs.

Superior ProductsShipped for Free

Everything that the company does is based on the institutional goal of providing customers with excellent products at affordable prices. The company assures that its ophthalmic instruments and equipment could endure repeated use, while delivering the same quality of output overtime. In addition, the company offers the best product guarantee that comes with free shipping. A 30 – day money back guarantee is not bad after all.

TrustOphthalmetrywith Your Needs

Ophthalmetry is always ready to help you find the equipment you need today. Whether you need a budget-friendly option for a replacement part or want the latest and greatest ophthalmic instruments, it is the place to go for your eye care instrument or equipment needs. You are assured that you only get quality products here. These products have also lower prices compared to the price tagged by other providers to the products that they provide. The company assures friendly customer service, product guarantee, and fast shipping.

 What the Company Offers

The company banners three things that it can give to customers. First, it works to guarantee satisfaction with its product at all times. It offers refund for defective equipment and instruments. Another thing is the quality of the products. We make it sure that you get quality products for having entrusted us with your needs. As its way of giving back, it gives loyalty points to customers, which can be converted into a promo code.

Eye care equipment and instruments don’t have to cost you that much. When you are looking for eye care equipment or instruments, consider both the quality and the affordability.  Always remember that even with top quality comes affordability.


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