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GTA V Tips Every Player Should Know



Without a doubt, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best games to ever grace multiple gaming consoles and computers. The world of GTA V is also very intricate and large. There’s no shortage of things to do, and even if you think you’re bored by doing random stuff in the game, you’ll find yourself engrossed with another arbitrary task that’ll keep you up until the wee hours of the morning.

Like every video game, GTA V players will always welcome tips and tricks to help them achieve more out of the video game. Whether it’s playing through the game’s story in offline mode or if you’re pulling a heist with some friends in online mode, here are some tips that you might find useful to increase the GTA V’s fun factor even further than before.

Get the Disc

Many fans of the GTA franchise will always want to get the physical copy of the game instead of just downloading the title from Steam, PSN, or from the Xbox Games Store. But don’t get the previous statement wrong as there are still definite plus points to just having the digital copy of the game such as you’ll never hear yourself saying, “Where did I put that disc?” However, buying the physical copy of GTA V will get you the big fold-out, two-sided map that comes with every purchase of the game from a physical store.

Keep an Eye Out for the Blue Dots

There are always several opportunities to explore in GTA V whether in its offline or online mode. The blue dots marked on your minimap are smaller missions compared to quests with obviously large payouts. So why shouldn’t you disregard these smaller missions? It’s because they can have long-term consequences if you don’t pay attention to them. For example, if you miss out on a particular dot, then you won’t get the opportunity to add a henchman to your available Partners list for your upcoming heist.

Always Listen to Stocks

 You can do a whole lot of things in GTA V, and we’re not just talking about getting hookers, stealing cars, and blowing stuff up. You can even manage your own business empire, but to start doing that then you have to listen to stocks. Each character in the game can buy and sell stock. Albeit it does sound boring, you should go ahead and try it nonetheless. You’ll still feel the thrill whenever you can buy low and sell high.

Lastly, when you’re playing GTA V Online, don’t forget to meet as many new people as you can. You’ll thank yourself in the long run if you do.

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