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Heath Tips: Liver Supplements To Detoxify And Enhance Its Function



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The human organs are of two parts, the external organs and internal organs. The external organs serve their purpose, the same as the internal organs. Out of the internal organs is your liver which is one of the major organs in your body. It is your largest organ and has several functions. The role of your liver is to metabolise and detoxify everything you take into your body. However, if your liver grows one problem or the other all your organs will be affected, this is why you should always try to detoxify your liver. Below is the best liver cleanse detox supplement:

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Detoxifying your liver can help you prevent any symptoms of liver disease. When your liver is not working well, the symptoms you would experience are fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. You need to take note of their symptoms as they may lead to jaundice or liver disease.

To avoid symptoms as such, it is best if you take measures like taking supplements to detoxify your liver. Liver supplements, to be considered best, should contain essential ingredients such as milk thistle and artichoke leaf. These ingredients will help protect your liver from inflammation and scarring of the tissue. Other ingredients are zinc, ginger,  beetroot, turmeric and many others.

Let’s discuss the function of the liver to understand why detoxifying is important.

Functions of the liver

The functions of the liver have been simplified into 5 and they are

  • This is one of the major functions of the liver. It involves filtration of the blood and breaking down harmful substances. The byproducts from the breakdown are excreted into the bile or the blood. When the byproducts are excreted into the bile, they are passed out through the faeces, and when in the bloodstream, they are filtered in the kidney and excreted via urine in form of urea.
  • This involves breaking down and absorbing essential nutrients from the food you take in. When you take in food, your liver secretes bile. This bile is a fluid produces by your liver and stored in your gallbladder. Whenever you eat, the bile is transported to the intestines from your gallbladder to help you break down the fat.
  • Metabolism and detoxification. Your liver is one organ that has been given the job of removing substances such as drugs, alcohol and even foreign substances from your body. This is why you should never overload your body with so many drugs or alcohol.
  • Protein synthesis. Your liver plays the role of synthesising protein and metabolism of amino acids, which is involved in the production of ammonia. Your liver also produces the protein called albumin, which is responsible for the maintenance of the water in the bloodstream, it also helps you with blood clots.
  • Storage of vitamins and minerals. Your liver, aside from all the functions mentioned above, is capable of storing vitamins such as vitamins K, A,  B12, and D which are responsible for blood clots in cases of bleeding, maintaining a healthy vision, essential for cell growth and development and also for ease of absorption of calcium and other minerals, respectively.

These functions discussed above should tell you why you need to keep a healthy liver.

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