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The current lifestyle of every individual is matched with the high need to be trendy. With the huge advancement in technology and improvement in the lifestyle of the people, they are able to invest in many things they know will last for a long time. While shifting to a new house or constructing their own home, it is important to take care of all the requirements. People would like their homes to look authentic but also have all the advanced options that are solved by using technology. This is what is done by the smart home automation system. Near is a Singapore based company that shifts its focus to smart lighting. It is also the first firm to partner with Tuya which is the world’s leading provider of IoT services in digital security. Their services are one of a kind that focuses on providing personalized customization matching with the taste of the Singaporean market.

The smart home automation system contains all kinds of advanced products that can be controlled through mobile phones or any other devices. It includes;

  • Near smart motion sensor.
  • Near smart door sensor.
  • Near smart plugs.
  • Near smart remote.

All these devices will make any home filled with appliances. This is backed by people who look more for convenience and sophistication more than anything. There is no need for tangled cables, stacks of remote, and complicated control panels as all these are replaced with a single user-friendly interface. Setting up of these devices will only take a matter of seconds. This will not only help you to control the appliances at home but also save up energy and money by setting up wifi based systems.

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