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How the Enterprise software is designed and developed



How the Enterprise software is designed and developed

In the modern days to manage the company effectively, all the works need to be automated and has to be captured systematically in the data. Companies all around the world has realized this and started moving towards Enterprise software long time back. Enterprise software development  requires the designer and developer to understand the client’s business nature first. Since each business varies in nature, it is a must that first they understand the business. Only if they understand the nature of the business they can get the requirements clearly without any miscommunication. Understanding the requirements is the key part in the development of any software. If the understanding of the requirements is not carried out properly in a systematic way, then the development of the software won’t provide the solution for the client.

Enterprise software development

Enterprise software development for a organization will be normally a long term process and will consists of various modules put together to form a ERP software. Clients also should be clear in the requirement. First they should have clear understanding of their requirement. Only if they are clear they can explain better to the development team. In some cases, clients will be very general when they talk about their requirements but when the development crosses certain stage they may ask for different requirement which will affect the development process and cost of the software may go up as the company needs to spend additional time for the new requirement. For this particular reason, development companies now sit with different stake holders in the client office and understand their requirement then document and share the same to the client. Only after the requirement is accepted as documented the development will be started.

In case if there is any dispute in that, it will be revised and documented again. Revisions will keep going till final agreement is reached. Once the final agreement is signed then the development team will do the design and development of each module and will keep the client updated regarding the status with the help of documentation. Up on the completion of each module it will be put to different tests to check the functionality and will be redesigned if there are any bugs found in that stage. Once all the modules are completed it will be retested again for the complete functionality and integration. If there is any problem in the integration of the modules it will be rectified and then it will be delivered to client for them to test with the real time data.

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