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How to keep your jewelry clean and safe



Having a good collection of jewelry is every woman’s desire. However, they lose shine and their look with time even if you don’t use it a lot. This is why taking care of your jewelry and cleaning them on a timely basis is very important for their long life.

Prevention is always better than cure; use a good jewel box or necklace case to store your jewelry. Make sure that the necklace case is clean before you keep your valuables in them. The necklace case shouldn’t contain any moisture or should not be kept near any place where there is extreme heat or moisture. If came in contact with moisture, the jewelry can grow fungus on them and can lose their shine. This is applicable to precious jewelry as well.

Now, you might be wondering how golden or silver jewelry will get spoiled over time. The tiny gaps between the designs and joints of the jewelry, including those between the stones and the metal can be messed up bad and dirty with not maintained properly. Silver can get tarnished if not covered properly and comes in contact with the air constantly.

How to remove dirt from your jewelry?

 Getting a metal polishing cloth is the first step in your cleaning process. You can buy these cloths and can use them for a longer period. These cloths can be used on metals like gold, silver, brass, and copper. This cloth is made of microfiber that is specially made to remove tarnish from metal. They are available in light colors which will help you know how much of dirt you have cleaned and when to stop. It also gives you the satisfaction of having cleaned your favorite jewelry effectively.

If the dirt is not a lot, and there isn’t really tarnish, you can always clean your jewelry with normal soap. After a use, there will be dust particles and sweat sticking on to your jewelry which has to be removed before keeping them packed well in the cupboard. This cleaning procedure can not only be used on precious metals, but also on your cheap imitation jewelry.

To carry out this method, all you need is to soak the jewelry in a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of dish washing liquid. After a few minutes, you can remove it and wash it in clean water and place it over a paper towel or cloth to dry. Remember not to rub them too hard if they are imitation jewelry since it may result in the coming off of the color.

Always use a toothbrush while cleaning your jewelry because your fingers cannot reach into every small joint or curve. Unlike many people believe, toothpaste can actually damage your jewelry by taking off its color or getting scratches all over them. So, you never have to give upon your favorite jewelry as long as you keep them clean and safe.

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