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How to tan evenly? Ways to get a tan




How to sunbathe to enjoy a beautiful tan long after the holidays? Just take care of your skin condition and safely enjoy the tanning charms. Use a few simple tanning methods, and your tan will be even and long-lasting. In order for sunbathing in the sun to result in beautiful, golden tan, the skin must be properly protected. A nice and healthy tan can be counted on by people who moisturize the skin and apply scrubs, which makes the skin smooth  melanotan 2 and free of shallow discoloration. Also, drinking water and regular use of sunscreen creams promote sunbathing.

Safe sunbathing – sunbathe safely on holidays

Safe tanning in the sun is the best way to get a beautiful, natural, and brown tan. So what should safe tanning look like?

 Safe tanning is the first and foremost effective protection against the sun in the form of suitable tanning cosmetics with high filters. Prone to wrinkles or various dermatological problems, we should choose preparations with the largest possible filter, i.e., SPF 50. People with a slightly darker melanotan 2  complexion can reach for a slightly lower filter. However, it should not be smaller than SPF 30.

 Particularly carefully protect the areas on the face and body that are most exposed to adverse sunlight. e.g., the skin under the eyes, forehead, nose, hands, cleavage – these are the places where the signs of skin aging and unsightly discoloration are most visible.

 If we want to get the effect of a safe, healthy, and beautiful tan, – it is at this time that it radiates the strongest and adversely affects not only the appearance of our skin but also health. Let’s remember that the sun is not only the cause of discoloration, wrinkles, or burns but also cancer-causing cancers, e.g., melanoma. A properly selected sunscreen should be on our skin for about 30 minutes. Before going out into the sun – this is all it takes for the preparation to be absorbed into the skin and to start working.


If we like sunbathing, we must not forget that the cosmetics we use are also waterproof – remember that up to 50% of UVB rays and 70% of UVA rays reach a depth of one meter. After bathing, you should quickly wipe with a towel – a wet body exposed to the sun is easily burned.

The cream should be lubricated regularly every 1-2 hours (it is very easy to wipe it off with a towel, sand, or sitting on a deck chair), as well as every time after leaving the water.

A thicker layer of the cosmetic should be applied to particularly sensitive places (nose, ears, shoulders, lips) and exposed to excessive drying (knees, elbows, heels).

Cosmetics with filters should be used not only directly during tanning, but also when the sun is “behind the cloud” – harmful sun rays can affect us at any time of the day.

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