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How To Use Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard?



vanilla visa gift card balance

The Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid gift card that can be used to serve the purpose of cash at the time of making a purchase. These cards can be used anywhere where these cards are accepted.

How to use Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard?

It is very simple to use a vanilla MasterCard.  The cardholder simply has to present this card during the time of purchase for making the payment. Every time the card is used to make a purchase the purchase amount will be reduced from the total value to the card including any additional charges such as taxes.  If the purchase amount exceeds the card limit, the cardholder can pay rest of the amount through another mode of payment such as cash or debit/credit card.

How to activate the vanilla prepaid MasterCard?

Any merchant or cashier can activate the vanilla prepaid MasterCard. There is a certain amount of activation fee that will be charged against the card activation. There is a serial number of exactly 9 digits on the back of the card.  The cardholder must sign at the back of the card where it is indicate at the time of activation. The cardholder must also record the card number and customer service number for future references.

In some cases, the card funds could take up to 24 hours to reflect in the card.  In most cases, the card gets activated and ready to use in only 60 minutes after the card activation at the store.

Are vanilla prepaid MasterCard visa card reloadable? 

The Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard Visa cards are not reloadable.  They are also non-refundable.  The cardholder cannot transfer the card balance to another prepaid card or to their bank account. One cannot obtain cash from these cards at the point of purchase.

To check the balance of the vanilla prepaid MasterCard, the cardholder can check the balance online.  The customer service also assists in letting the customer know their current balance. If the card gets stolen or lost, it is advised to contact the customer care team for help and get a replacement.  For this, the card holder must share correct card details with the customer care executive.

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