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Important Facts About the 7 Points of Posture



 If you travel around the world, you will find a lot of meditation techniques that are also being used in other countries. But if you have noticed the pictures even you find online of meditating people, there is something so similar to them.  It is the goal to provide the body a calmer state, as well as the universal position being used while meditating.

Seven-Point Meditation

            If you are meditating, you might want to know the best position to do in order to promote better body posture to achieve the success of your meditation. Let us take a look at the Seven Point of the Meditation posture, what is it for, as well as where it came from.

The Seven-Point Meditation

But what is this seven-point meditation posture that we should know of?

  • The 1st Point. Sitting down on the ground, in a cross-legged fashion is the first point. It would be best if you use the best meditation cushion that is well-made and firm. This will help you adjust your position easily than using pillows from your couch or bed.
  • The 2nd Point. Elongating your spine means that you have to lift yourself up through your spine. Make your spine as erect as possible. This is when you feel uplifted when you are sitting down to meditate.
  • The 3rd Point. Resting your hands on your lap is the most simple thing to do. You can also put your hands on your sides, then pick them up at the elbow and drop them palms down on your thighs. This is the best support for your upright spine.
  • The 4th Point. Relaxing your shoulders and back. You can push your shoulders back slightly to establish a strong back while opening the front of your body.
  • The 5th Point. Tuck your chin. Don’t overdo it like you are already looking down directly at your lap. Keep your head high upwards but just stuck your chin inwardly.
  • The 6th Point. Open your jaw. This will bring relaxation to the facial muscles. You can do this by placing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. This will allow clear breathing and will slow down the swallowing process.
  • The 7th Point. Relax your gaze maybe 2 or 3 feet ahead. Don’t pick out patterns or activities in front of you. Keep your mind blank.

During a medication, what practitioners usually employ is the seven points of Vairocana. The Buddha Vairocana is commonly represented sitting at the center of a mandala of the Buddha’s five principles.

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