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Innovative and Straightforward. Simple Tips to Help Save Mother Nature



When we think about doing something good for Mother Nature, perhaps the first things that come to mind aren’t the ways on how we can save the environment, but how we, as humans, destroy the only place we call Earth. Many think that humans are the worst creatures to ever walk on this planet. After all, we pollute the environment, endanger other living creatures and plant species, and we cut down forests for infrastructural and commercial gain.

Indeed, these are big problems, but just like many difficult challenges, we can think of simple solutions. Changing the way we treat our Earth doesn’t have to be drastic. We can take baby steps to achieve our ultimate goal of bringing back the cleanliness of our environment. Here are some simple yet still innovative ways to help protect Mother Nature.

Human impact on the environment

You Don’t Need a Car to Travel 2 Blocks Away

We were created we a very useful pair of feet, so why don’t we use them to its fullest? It’s not very difficult to go to a friend’s house that might just be living 2 blocks away from our home. It’s also not tough to walk to a nearby café to get some much-needed coffee to perk up our day. Yes, using our vehicles is a more convenient way of traveling, but it also means contributing to air pollution because of the emissions coming out of your car. So if you care for our environment by even the slightest, and you want to save up on gas, then don’t use your car for short travels.

Turn Off the Tap When You’re Not Using It

You’d be surprised by the number of people leaving the faucet open while they’re brushing their teeth. You don’t need the tap to stay open while you’re brushing your pearly whites. Just wet your toothbrush a few times, and then close the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth. Open the tap once more to produce running water to gargle and rinse your mouth, and to clean your toothbrush, then close the faucet once more. See? It’s not that difficult to save water to help save Mother Nature.

Remove Electrical Gadgets When They’re Fully Charged

You don’t need your smartphone, tablets, and other gadgets to remain plugged into an electrical outlet when their batteries are already at 100% capacity. Remember – the more you use electricity, the more we’re depleting resources given to us by the environment, not to mention you’re going to have the scare of your life once you see your next utility bill.

Saving earth and environment doesn’t need drastic measures, well, not in most areas of the world, anyway. Nonetheless, you can take baby steps in helping our Earth maintain its beauty, and not lead it to the path to a hopeless wasteland.

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