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Internet Radio – Personal Listening Service at Your Finger tips



Internet Radio – Personal Listening Service at Your Finger tips

Internet Radio is also known as Web radio or stream player radio. It is an audio service which is transmitted through Internet. The broadcasting which is done is also known as webcasting. It gets transmitted via wireless services. The streamed media or audio is presented to listener with auninterrupted stream of voices and signals that can be replayed, paused, and similar to normal broadcast media.

Facilities of Internet Radio:

The Internet radio is different from podcasts. In podcasts, the download facility is also offered along with streaming. You can save the playlist and replay it again; unlike in web radio. The Internet radio provides many other facilities such as news, music, talk shows and lot more. Typically it plays everything which is played on normal radio. The radio services are held in comparison to normal radio.

Internet Radio

The radio station or radio network has low start-up costs. The cost of running the internet audio service is comparatively less when compared to the traditional radio. These web radios are mostly run as an independent internet only radio station. Since, it is internet provided service, it can be accessible from anywhere in the world through proper internet connection facility. If you are a listener who is settled in Antarctica, you get Internet radio service from any part of the world even in such extreme places.

Some popular internet radio services like iHeartRadio, Pandora Radio, CBS etc. are restricted and limited to few countries or in-country service only. Due to licensing issues, these restrictions have been implemented. Internet radio service is usually used by people who are not particularly interested in using the local radio service. It can be played via internet service on normal home personal computer or laptops. The devices offer the listener experience of listening to the standard radio service.

Radio Service transmission:

The streaming technology of the Internet radio is distributed through Internet radio. This can be done using the audio codes. The streamed audio is in the format of MP3, OGG, Windows Media Audio service, Real Audio and MP4 service. The audio data gets transmitted continuously without interruption and is delivered depending on your internet strength. The audio data is continuously transmitted and streamed over the local network in TCP packets (transmission control protocol) and UDP Packets (user datagram protocols). These are then reassembled at the receiver end and played with a delay of one or two seconds. This delay is known as lag and can be at any stage of digital audio service.

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