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Introducing the Brand New Life Fitness 95Ti Commercial Treadmill



Life Fitness treadmills are the best choice for commercial gyms, fitness facilities or any other fitness centers. These treadmills are popular for its durability which made the brand on the top list of the most preferred brands for fitness equipment. Life Fitness products come with special features and capabilities that you can only get from this brand.

Gym Pros is the leading fitness resource company. Life Fitness equipment is their top of the line units available for purchase at a discounted price. Life Fitness 95ti treadmill is one of their most popular products. What makes it so special among the others? Let us find out.

Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill

Also known as “Silver Bullet,”  this treadmill has an elegant chrome finish. This is probably one of the best looking Life Fitness Treadmills that are available in the market today. It is the developed and more advanced version of the Life Fitness 93T because of its better features. This is perfect for new health facilities who want to attract potential members. With its classy design, your gym will look better with this treadmill.

Life Fitness 95ti treadmill

Best Features.

Every product has its best features. This makes the product stand out among its competitors. Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill has features and capabilities that would be hard to refuse. SOme of the best features include:

  • Flexdeck System. This provides the machine with shock absorption.
  • Ac 4 Hp Motor
  • Incline range from 0% to 15% depending on your preference.
  • Speed adjustment from 0.5 mph to 14 mph.
  • This feature monitors the heart rate
  • 28 programs of different workouts
  • LCD TV Compatible for entertainment purposes
  • Clear Display. The display has multiple readouts of heart rate, speed, METS, watts, total calories burnt every hour, distance, time elapsed, climbed distance, profile, and timezone.

Customer Reviews.

Life Fitness 95ti commercial treadmill has definitely won the hearts of every gym-goer. Since Gym Pros are offering this unit at a discounted price, more buyers are interested to purchase one for their personal use. Here are some of the positive feedbacks from the Gym Pros website:

“… I use this treadmill at my local gym and wanted this so that I could workout in the comforts of my home…Gym Pros came through, purchased this remanufactured for a fraction of the price buying brand new through life fitness…” – Diane, March 2017

“…We ordered 7 95Ti treadmills from Gym Pros, got them in 2 weeks and they were all in primo condition. Love the quality and durability of these treads…” – Dwayne Wexler, August 2017

These people were just a few of the satisfied customers of Gym Pros. It’s easy! If you are interested to buy this Life Fitness 95ti treadmill, just give them a call, and you might get the best deal today.

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