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Is Acetylcholine A Hormone or A Neurotransmitter



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The substance Acetylcholine is a naturally occurring and essential part of our nervous system. This substance is classified as a neurotransmitter whereas they enable the brain to communicate its command to the essential organs of our body to do their part in keeping us alive and functioning in the optimal sense. This compound has long been synthesized but unfortunately, it cannot be taken in its form, it has to be made by the brain. The way it is produced is by a precursor nutrient called Choline. If your body has Choline, the brain can produce all the acetylcholine it needs for optimal neural performance. Think of acetylcholine as the messenger or mailman wherein you as the organ, will not know anything until that messenger arrives and tells you what to do.

Is it A hormone? Or Purely Neurotransmitter?

    There is a question in the medical community though, is acetylcholine a neurotransmitter? To be more specific, is it just a neurotransmitter or could its role be broader? As a neurotransmitter, it is well established. However, studies have shown that it may also function as an autocrine or paracrine signaling molecule in a variety of nonneuronal tissues. To begin to establish ACh of nonneuronal origin as a paracrine hormone in the lung, we have examined neonatal and adult monkey bronchial epithelium for the components involved in nicotinic cholinergic signaling. In this regard, it is not only the brain that produces it but also epithelial cells in the bronchial tubes. So in light of this, it is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter.

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Where Do we Get ACh?

     The human body produces them and we can also take supplementation. It is important to note though that we cannot just ingest ACh although they exist in that form. It has to be made by our bodies to be able to safely pass through the blood-brain barrier. There is, however, a nutrient called Choline that is a precursor to its production. By taking supplementation for this nutrient, we ensure that the human body has enough to produce acetylcholine. By Boosting our Choline intake we affect the production of the neurotransmitter. Fortunately, even natural food and best natural nootropics have Choline in their inventories available for everyone. It is available in a variety of food like Egg, Cod, broccoli, salmon, cauliflower, chicken liver, and beef liver.

    It is very important though that when taking supplements, seek the advice of a health professional to be able to safely manage your choline intake. There are cases of taking too much choline and it can have some adverse but minor side effects.

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