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Then: the first one

It was 1888. George Eastman picked his first camera ‘Kodak’ up for sale. Before this incident, it was very hard to photograph a moment. It was a luxurious matter which can be accessed only by a small group of people in the society. But after this revolutionary sale photography became much more accessible to common people. A simple box-shaped camera brought a breeze of easiness in the world of photography as well as a lot of happiness in the heart of public with its fixed focus lens, single shutter speed and of course the cheaper cost which attracted more people and let them thought that they can also consume it.

photographer Los Angeles


Now it is 2018. There is a lot of camera making companies in the world, among which ‘Nikon’, ‘Canon’, ‘Kodak’ is the most popular ones. Besides that, almost everyone holds a camera in their pocket or vanity bag with their nice smartphones. The scenario has been completely changed in this period of 130 years. Everyone thinks him or herself a photographer whether he or she can capture moments with proper light, color,and frame or not. So, there is a parallel photography industry has been grown up with the cooperation of concerned experts and rich investors.

Dubai: heavenly photographic experience

By the way, a camera does need a good place also to get the moments. There are a number of modern cities which are like heaven for a photographer; Dubai is obviously one of them. It has a lot of beautiful, eye-catching high-rises, towers etcetera which is filled in the huge blank space of boring, lonely desert. These structures will make you to click yourself having them in the frame right after or behind you. You may do it on your own or you may appoint a photographer, Dubai will be back in your home with their nice clicks. They will remind all the awesome moments you spent there. It is no doubt a great experience to have such type of professional photographers. There are a lot of companies also who will help you to do so. Localgrapher is one of them.

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