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Keep Your Kids Safe, Use Retractable Baby Gates



If you have a kid that’s super active and can already run around the house, it is best to keep them out of the danger zones of the house. Most parents will install a wooden or metal gates to keep their kids safe. However, these type of gates are usually permanent and would take time to remove and keep.

Retractable Baby Gates

If you don’t want to have a metal or wooden gates, there is a new alternative for this traditional baby gates. This is perfect for parents who want to have blocked the entire passage on either side. When not in use, these retractable baby gates are easy to roll up and keep for future use. This is very convenient and space-friendly even when it is open.

The Best Retractable Gate of 2017

The website has made reviews about the best retractable baby gates that are space-friendly and cost-efficient. Retract-A-Gate is on the top of their list of retractable gates for 2017.

“Retract-A-Gate” safety gate. This is one of the best retractable gates that is 52” or 72” wide. Its extra wide, easy to use, and perfect for top or bottom stairs, and basically can be used anywhere in your house.

  • Key Features.

The Retract-A-Gate is one of the most favored retractable gates of modern moms who doesn’t want to install the old-fashioned wooden or metal gates. The retractable ones are as secure as the traditional gates which will keep your baby safe from breaching the gap to the dangerous areas of the house.

  • Low Profile. When not in use, you can easily fold and keep it.
  • Easy to use. No need for complex installs. Moms can do it on their own since it can open, close and retract smoothly.
  • Easy Lock. You can lock it with one hand while holding the baby up on the other.
  • Sturdiness. It can withstand activities such as climbing, pushing leaning, up to a 200-pound push out force.
  • Security. Once the gate is locked, it’s too hard for the kid to push it open. This is also certified by the JPMA for security measurements.
  • This is available in 52 inches and 72 inches long.

Keeping our baby safe all the time is our top priority. Kids this age are curious and active. We need to have a peace of mind with stairs, firewalls, and other dangerous areas in the house. With the retractable baby gates, it’s very easy and convenient. When you have guests in the house or parties, you can just fold, keep it, and reinstall it once you need it again. Easy as that. No need to complicate things with retractable baby gates.

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