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As people we are meant to have different opinions and stance on various topics similarly there are various people with different opinions about bongs, some of them don’t really use bongs but they don’t really have an extremely closed mindset about it whereas there are also people who have never done it and are of the strong opinion of never doing it too. Now I know that doing bong is not exactly healthy for a person but it’s just a means of fun, especially if you ask the young adult people, you will find the majority of them do bongs as a means of passing time and enjoying it. There are different types of bongs available today but do you know what the ideal bongs is? Let’s see, the glass piped bongs that you get are the best types of bongs to invest in as they help enriching the whole experience. Even in those glass pipes there are various other types, now I would like to leave it upto the reader if they want to find out more about it or not so I won’t be talking about each and every type of bong available.

Different types of smoking.

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This might be a little weird and not many people would be interested in knowing because let’s face it, when we smoke we don’t pay attention to what that smoking type is called as or not, we only care about the after effects of the smoke but I think it’s important that we know the different types of smoking so that we know which one to do to get a finer experience. If you are smoking through a pipe, it’s called as pipe smoking wherein you are inhaling the substance that has been burning in the bong. Pipe smoking is known as one of the most traditional ways of smoking.

There is an other type of smoking as well which is known as packing in a bowl, meaning that you smoke through the bowl. All these ways are just as bad as smoking a cigarette. It is observed that many bong smokers don’t think that it will affect the health as badly as smoking cigarettes would, but the true is that the side effects are almost the same, inhaling those substances through a bong does not make it any better as those substances still have harmful properties in them.

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