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Latest Southpole Central hotel Review



When travelling to any destination, knowing where to stay is quite important. Choose a place where you can easily access where you need to go to or where you want to visit since it’s a lot easier to have your destination of interest close enough to where you are staying so you can really maximize your time.

If ever you need to fly to Cebu city for a meeting, a convention or even just a staycation, you can stay at the Southpole Central Hotel since it is conveniently and ideally situated at the center of Cebu’s business and shopping district so whenever you need to rush to a meeting or to a convention, you’re not far away. As for the service, although it is a 3 star hotel, you might think that their services are worthy of a 5 star hotel rating but if in case you want to be sure, you can check out Southpole Central hotel Review  online at and see for yourself.

Luxurious stay

The hotel is so luxurious that you might not believe that you’re staying at a 3 star hotel and not a 5 star hotel. Everything about the hotel just speaks quality. From the amenities, to the services to the rooms, all of it is quality. The rooms are spacious enough and the finish is just divine, the lobby has a café wherein you can hold business meetings as well as there are conference rooms and banquet halls for conventions.

Unwind at the top

Everybody needs a little bit of fresh air and cool breeze after a long business meeting or convention, and what better way to do that than by relaxing in Southpole Central’s rooftop bar where you can take a breather and enjoy quality liquor while looking down at Cebu’s busy streets. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Fast connections

Of course internet access is quite important these days especially if you might be on a business trip. Hotels nowadays come with Wi-Fi connections readily available but not all of these Wi-Fi connections are fast enough. It might sometimes be due to the amount of guests that are connecting to it, in any case, you might be better off using your phone’s data to connect to the internet or better yet, you have your own mobile Wi-Fi but, this is not the case with Southpole Central. As good as their service already is, it just keeps getting better since all their rooms have access to high speed fiber internet which can reach up to 100mbs download speeds, that’s pretty fast.

The icing on the cake

Or the free breakfast in your plate rather. Yes folks, during the duration of your stay at Southpole Central, you will have free breakfast every day. With a wide selection to choose from, you won’t run out of choices for breakfast every day, and it’s FREE!

Whether for business or for leisure, the Southpole Central Hotel is one of the most ideal places to stay when in Cebu city. Situated in the middle of Cebu’s business and shopping district means that you literally have easy access to malls as well as businesses if ever you have meetings in the vicinity, not to mention that the price you pay for 5 star-like quality services is really well worth it.


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