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Magnets and cement formworks



Magnets and cement formworks

Building construction has been here throughout the ages, systems and ways have come and gone and have been replaced by newer, safer and more efficient systems. Even the simple concrete formwork has got itself a modern twist to it. These formworks rely on wood and steel to do its job but now, innovation as made its way into the formwork market and introduced us to shuttering magnets.

Nowadays more and more companies are starting to produce precast parts for concrete shuttering. This includes the shuttering magnets. If you want to know more about this wonderful innovation, you should try to view link here.

bt innovation

Industry of innovation

The precast concrete formworkbusinessis continually looking fornew approaches to making parts more effective and at the same time, economically friendly. Concrete formwork magnets are lightweight and small, all thanks to the use of modern elements and technology. This allows for the adaptation to a lot of various applications in any formwork. These can be used in conjunction with columns as well as on any other formwork surface.

What do they exactly do?

Considered as avitaladditionto the precast concrete system, these magnets were designed to make sure that the panel is well sealed when pouring the concrete inside moulds to avoid leaking.

Advantages of using these formwork magnets

These magnets have a very ergonomic implementation when it comes to making sure the formworks are sealed. They weigh a lot less and have this unique lever system that makes them easier to handle and carry. Although they might be extremely lightweight, they are still very powerful magnet systems.

Finding the right supplier

If you’re looking for a quality provider for these magnets, you don’t need to look any further since BT-Innovations (linked above) offer these precious innovations what will keep your shutters as secure as it can be. We all know how important it is to construction to keep these shutters or formworks in place. BT-Innovations offer a wide variety of shutter magnets for you to choose from for what you need.

In the world of building construction, more and more new and innovative products have been coming out lately. These new products were made to make your construction easier and safer. These magnets ensure that your formworks will stick together like glue and will withstand any amount of pressure coming from the wet cement. These new innovations have been rigorously tested to meet certain criteria for it to be able to be deemed worthy of actual use. Why not make your lives easier and give these shutter magnets a try. It’s a far cry from what you are used to but it just might be the solution you have been looking for.

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