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Non 12 Step Rehab Programs – Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction



In the present day getting addicted to drug and alcohol has become a common phenomenon, some treat it as a part of life style, some consume drugs or alcohol as a stress reliever, some consume it to wail away time, some to forget their bitter experiences and many more excuses to get addicted to drug and alcohol. When it comes to reality the person who got addicted actually suffers and makes others suffer. Most of the people who get addicted to drugs and alcohol finally end up in realizing that they were on wrong path and search for rehabilitation programs which are readily available. The rehabilitation programs available are basically 12 step programs which are studious and non-flexible programs. Now a days’, there are many players who provide a Non 12 Step Rehab Programs which are flexible and provides an effective way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

non 12 step rehab

Rehab programs – Non 12 Step

The Non 12 rehab programs mainly focus on boosting on self-motivation, self- empowerment to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. A 12 step rehab programs aims at comforting the patient with a holistic approach which mainly deals with coping with the feelings like anger, anxiety etc., then managing carvings to consume the drug or alcohol, managing emotional responses and changing negative thought process and is proven to have maximum success rate. Besides, Non 12 step rehab programs focus on the root of the problem as why the person is addicted to drugs or alcohol and try to act accordingly to get rid of the problem, this approach of disabling the root motivation to get addicted to drug or alcohol creates a strong belief to recover from the addiction permanently rather than acting on addicted behaviours. If the rehab treatment is given under supervision of an expert would yield the best result in recovery of addicted patient and presents the patient a new peaceful life. There will be situations and demands of peer pressure but to stay strong to the promise of not going back to the depths of what was hell and back will really keep you sober and not risk it again for momentary pleasure.

As it is known to all that Non 12 rehab services are provided by many it is always better to have a better understanding of the program that is being offered to you. On the other hand, some of the rehab service providers give you a spa like treatment which give a feeling of freshness and motivate the patient to enjoy the ambience and thereby allows them to recover fully from the addiction. These rehabs basically depend on research and new therapeutic techniques along with spiritual orientation which differ from person to person as per their condition or level of addiction.

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