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Non 12 step rehab programs-the importance



Non 12 step rehab programs-the importance

The Non 12 step rehab programs are developed to cure the behavioral and substance addictions effectively along with a hundred percent chance of non recurrence. These are not traditional and not have a fixed model. The essence is that these not compliant to any theoretical model. There are contradicted with the 12 step rehab programs through their modern approach.

These are having a great success rate when compared with the traditional 12 step rehab programs. The traditional 12 step approach tends to have a spiritual outlook. They consider the God as the highest power to help them cope up. This approach is not useful to all the people as some will be non-religious. This higher power concept is not included in the non 12 step rehab programs. They made the individuals believe that they are having the power of self control. They give the empowerment to the individuals. They believe that the change has to come from the individuals themselves through intrinsic motivation.

non 12 step rehab

The traditional 12 step programs are mainly kind of group discussions. These will be difficult for the people who are not comfortable with the group setting. For the individuals who need the counseling of a clinical person to open up have to choose the non-12 step programs where the plans are customized to meet the individual requirements of the people. These are the holistic treatment plans including the well being of an individual mentally, emotionally, physically. These are evidence based and changes according to the progress made by the patient. Thus they help to achieve and maintain abstinence. These programs consider the addiction to the drugs and alcohols as the primary problem and searches for the impulse which makes them do it. At an intellectual and emotional level they reach for the addiction cravings and motivation factors.

The non 12 step rehabilitation programs are unique as they deal with the root cause so that it will be cured once for all. So there is a hundred percent of chance of non recurrence. The mental, emotional and physical well being of the individual is assured. These are holistic biophysical rehab programs. In other words, it is not the circumstance that is responsible for what you think about yourself but your own thoughts about the circumstance.

The importance of the Non 12 step rehabilitation programs lies in the –

  • Individual customized approach
  • Focus on holistic well being
  • Treatment plan based on the root cause analysis
  • Hundred percent non recurrence
  • Achievement and maintenance of sobriety

CBT has overwhelming problems to be broken down into simple blocks and helps to reach the solution with helping the core of the problem being rooted out. This therapy will deal the contemporary issues of the patient and solve the present situations that the person is finding difficulties in dealing.

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