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Aspirers of bodybuilding or athletes around the world require a supporting supplement that enhance their performance and intensifies their workout routine. Drugs like Dianabol or d-bol helps to strengthen the body for their exercise routine. These drugs are profoundly known among athletes communities and recommended by them to all the aspiring athletes. Best timing to take it cannot be estimated but good to consume it in three portions of the day.

Dianabol is one of the drugs that are popular among androgenic and anabolic drugs available in the market for building body mass and weight. On an average, dosage cycle of these drugs can be between six to eight weeks. Beyond the cycle, one must give a break of two weeks period to get the most out of the drug.

best timing to take it

Initially, for anyone who is new to these drugs are advised to consume them at lower doses for six weeks. Based on the results from the first cycle of consumption, they can gradually increase the dosage from next cycles. Those who are regular consumers of the drugs found to have 50mg per day in three portions which is said to be the best timing to take it. With appropriate dosage and timing, results were amazing and tempting for any bodybuilders/athletes.

Results are evident from the second week of consumption of Dianabol drug where they have seen improvement in their physical appearance, performance, body mass and strength during their workout sessions.

All the benefits of these anabolic drugs can tempt anyone who wanted to have a lean body mass with stunning bulk physical appearance. But with the benefits, there is always a high-risk factor attached to it.

As per the dosage and continuity of the consumption, there are moderate to severe health issues as mentioned in the following list of side effects

  • Liver damage
  • Water Retention
  • Hypertension
  • Gynecomastia
  • Cardiovascular issues

These health issues would affect an individual with the regular consumption of these drugs in their daily fitness routine. To recover from these drug’s side effects, it takes months after each cycle(6weeks).

Further to avoid these effects, it is advisable to make an informed choice, research the alternative options where it is safe to consume and achieve similar results without compromising their health.

Common and harmful Side Effects of Dianabol:

There is another name for DBal is methandrostenolone. Lets concentrating on some of the side effects resided are gynecomastia, disorders in male breasts that looks like very abnormal in state, suppressive levels of testosterone like especially in females you can encounter the conversion of testosterone hormone into female estrogen hormone levels, bloating of stomach, increased levels of water retention, increased blood pressure levels, heart strokes related to greater impact on cardiovascular health, liver toxicity, tremendous change in negative impact on bad cholesterol and good cholesterol levels in the body, scarcity in sperm count in males, change in sexual characteristics in females, hair loss and its abnormalities etc.

Natural alternative supplements are also available in the market which has less side effect and helps to achieve lean body mass as desired naturally. Hence it is advisable to work on the natural supplements rather than opting for synthetic drugs.

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