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Polygraph Test at Its Best



Polygraph Test at Its Best

Lies have caused families to fall apart, individuals to break down, couples to break up, criminals to break free, and businesses to bog down. Here’s the thing – Without lies, the occurrence of these misfortunes would have been lessened. Lies implies a negative connotation but may take the form of a positive countenance, a friendly rejoinder, or a precious present.

Lies can never be decoded nor detected, with an assuring certainty, by humans. Thanks to one great invention, the polygraph or the lie detector test  Although it was established that it is not 100% accurate, it has elevated the level of crime investigation, curbing offender’s behavior, and rectifying infidelity issues?

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Catalyst for Change

Courts have dismissed the use of polygraph in their proceedings, except in a few instances, when parties have agreed to have it admitted. However, this has not deterred polygraphs to serve their purpose in eliciting positive behavior from offenders. Sex offenders, in particular, have to hand in polygraph results as part of their parole condition. Studies revealed that these offenders have become more open and truthful in giving information. Offenders who have more than one year in prison undergo polygraph as part of their parole agreement. Post – conviction offenders have shown significant improvement in their behavior, in consistent with the results of their polygraph test and is considered as an agent of crime deterrence.

Infidelity Buster

So many families and relationships have been bogged down by infidelity issues. A partner or a spouse, in any way, would not pester the relationship that they are into by throwing accusations and casting doubt on the other partner or spouse. Lies can just be easily hidden by sweet or intimate moments together. There were cases that a husbands who hide an amorous relationship with another woman admitted their extra – marital relationship through the aid of a polygraph. In one particular case, a boyfriend paid a lumpy sum to discredit the rumor that he had an affair with another woman aside from his girlfriend. The polygraph revealed that he telling the truth when he denied the existence of a third party. But the rumor, on the other hand caused damage to their relationship.

Guilt Precedence

Though not admitted in courts, polygraph tests have served the criminal justice system well. Investigators turn to it, drawing out helpful information from the suspect or subject of investigation. Prior failure in polygraph tests for some crime suspects was followed by their eventual conviction. It should be noted that it is not established here whether there is a high correlation between polygraph test failure to crime conviction. OJ Simpson, for example, failed a polygraph test prior to his conviction for having killed of his former wife and her friend.

Conclusively, polygraph tests have not failed to play their role in detecting lies. The refusal of courts to admit it as evidentiary does not entail that it has failed to serve its purpose. Courts expect witnesses to be 100% truthful and evidences to be 100% authentic. But this does not discredit the fact that polygraphs, these days, have been given growing attention and function as well.

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