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Reasons to buy an LED dog leash from Yippr Pet Supplies



Sometimes there are just things that we never realized actually got some upgrades and when we buy that certain product in a store we are just shocked that the product has actually reached this far and it makes sense too, very much makes sense that is perfect for the modern man.

Before you speculate on what it is, what I’m referring to is a dog leash. That’s right, that dog leashes, that piece of rope that you got for almost 3 years now actually upgraded behind your nose. And when it was time to put to rest your trusted dog leashes and buy the same item you are shocked and awe on what you just saw. So what can of upgrade and I talking about here? One thing for sure it’s not something that can fly your dog to space were still far away from that so let’s stick to something realistic and makes sense, shall we?

YIPPR Pet Supplies

LED dog leash: That’s right, it’s crazy right? It’s not a glow in the dark, or reflective, or something that just has a flashlight insert in it, but an LED! How cools is that! Now there isn’t really a smart dog leash yet because probably it’s a weird idea right not and given there is no market for it so this LED dog leash will be good for now. This is a definition of pet safety (in this case your dog) How? It might just be an ordinary dog leash in the day but at night, it lights up, gives you this night visibility about your pet. So if your dog saw a stray cat somewhere and he went off again and slipped out of your hand then you would know where your dog is going in the dead of night, especially if you have doubts if your dog will ever come back to you.

LED Dog Leash:

  • Constructed with Solid Nylon Webbing
  • High quality Stitching
  • Soft and Padded Handle
  • Durable Metal Snap
  • Easily Accessible LED control box
  • Light, great for small dogs
  • Strong Enough for Larger/Heavy Pullers
  • Available in 7 Colors (Yellow, White, Red, Pink, orange, Green and Blue)
  • With USB cord included


  • USB Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery
  • An hour to an hour and a half charging time
  • Continuous 5 hours of continuous Charge per account
  • Features 4 LED Settings (Solid, Slow Flashing, Quick Flashing, Off)
  • LED Bulbs doesn’t get warm

Additional Information:

  • Can be charged in any USB port that can give it power
  • Weatherproof and dust resistant
  • Can easily be cleaned with simple washing

Undeniably there are many LED dog collars out there but Yippr Pet Supplies has the best one out there. Look for their name if you’re in your pet store or buy it directly on their website. Aside from LED collars, they offer various pet accessories for any type of dogs.

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