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Should your business switch to cloud PBX?



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The cloud-hosted PBX phone systems have become increasingly popular. The ability to add a robust phone system with all of the features and tools you need for this. But without having to install or maintain any equipment and is particularly appealing to many small businesses. For some businesses having a phone system that is too tally dependent on the strength of an internet connection is not a deal. So if you want a cloud PBX system then you can try our office phone system singapore

  • Digital vs cloud PBX

Cloud systems are an offshoot of digital PBX systems. These systems offer the same level of functionality but differ in where the equipment is located. On premises, phone systems have PBX equipment housed in large hardware units and must be stored on-site. But on the premise systems can be very costly because of their size and requirement for a special storage facility. You must have to give office phone system singapore a try so that you can understand the services provided by them.

The digital PBX phone systems are monitored using a PBX switchboard. The switchboard processes the connections between telephones to facilitate a call and control much business. It is an internet phone system in which the provider is responsible for both housing the PBX equipment and providing you phone services.  In this system, all software and data are stored in the cloud. The PBX equipment facilitates all of the phone services and also allows for features like call waiting and voicemail.

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