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Significant source to mother



Significant source to mother

Dr Brown baby bottles are used to drink the liquid directly from it. These are designed by American doctor Craig Brown’s with a patented valve system. This valve system contributes to the health of babies. It is similar to breast feeding as it is a unique advantage applicable to both mother and baby.

Dr Brown bottles are popular mostly used in worldwide especially in hospitals. The promotion of Breastfeeding refers to coordinated activities and required policies to promote health among women, newborns and infants through breast feeding. The bottles are rigid containers with a neck that is narrower than the body, and a “mouth”. Bottles are often made up of glass, clay, plastic, aluminum or other impervious materials. These are typically used to store liquids certainly called as baby bottles.

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How Dr Brown bottles signifies its usage to a mother:

These bottles have always focused on to create innovative baby products to promote good health and optimal nutrition. Inspired by the passion for moms, the developers continue to innovate and develop products focus on great functionality featured on both for mom and good health for baby. It is especially designed for all the working moms and in order to maintain a brand in which parents can rely on. This means the developers invested as much time as necessary that creates quality feeding products of distinctive health-related benefits which are beneficial to all moms and their babies too.

A mother should focus on what kind of bottles must use for her baby.

Focusing on types of bottles:

There are two kinds of bottles glass bottles and plastic bottles.

  • Consider Glass bottles, these are much heavier than plastic bottles and making them harder for babies to grip and hold it. Also there is an obvious concern with glass bottles those are breakable. It might shatter certainly. On the positive reports, glass bottles are easier to clean and are sure to be free of harmful chemicals.
  • Similarly Consider Plastic bottlesare lighter and are less expensive than glass bottles, but as mentioned some parents are concerned about BPA. There is a possibility to purchase bottles that are certified as being BPA-Free. It should ultimately ease any concerns you might have about the chemical composition.

The plastic bottles are usually less durable than glass bottles. It is because plastic will eventually wear down. Never use feeding bottles of the microwave. There is a chance of plastic bottles gets scratched or damaged because of over heat. Once damaged don’t reuse it, simply throw it away. Hence these bottles are mostly reliable with maintaining multiple nutrients. Importantly the transmission of some viral diseases through breastfeeding is reportedly preventable.

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