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Solar nails are the new trend



Today nail art is not something that is reserved only for special occasions, but is something to try out as a part of daily wear as well. Having beautifully done nails gives an ultra chic look and goes well with any outfit. Yet, many hesitate to go about it as they find using nail polishes a bit of a hassle and of course not many have the time or patience about it. That is, why you should give solar nails a chance.

All about solar nails

Acrylic nails are quite popular and solar nails can be regarded as its subgroup. The concept was introduced by Creative Nail Design and early, only they did it but today, you will find such nail art in many salons. They are a combination of white and pink acrylics and are painted on the nails in such a way that the dual color tone appears on the nails giving it a fabulous look. It is almost as if you have got yourself a French Manicure.

solar nails

The main factor, on which solar nails differ from acrylic nails, is that the latter isn’t as durable. Acrylic nails are referred to the nails made from polymethyl methacrylate and it does give beauty to nails but are not long-lasting. Solar nails on the other hand, are like plastic nails and last quite long. The nail extensions are glued to the tip of the nails and are sealed with a strong powder formula. In a way, thus both type of nails are almost same but just one type stays for a longer time.

Also referred to pink and white nails for the colours they spot, these nails stand out for their color combination and for the variety look they lend to your nails. In these types of nails, there are no artificial tips used but the nail art is done a tad bit differently to ensure longer staying.

Acrylic layers are applied on the nail multiple times and there are more layers on the nails. The white layer is applied first and then the pink layer is applied which is applied on the nail bed. Thus these nails extensions stick to the nails pretty firmly and stay there. Unlike any other type of nail art, these nail extensions enjoy more popularity because of the variety they offer. You can approach a nail technical for the look and thus give your nails a wonderful and charming appearance. The best thing is that you can go about your work flaunting your new nails as these designs not only look good on you but also makes your fingers and hands look adorable as well. Nail art is something you should try with solar. Solar nails are the new trend..!

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