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For you to learn more about protecting against a ZPIC Audit or filing a ZPIC appeal, you can always call the attorneys who are expert in that matter. The best description of this particular attorney has years of experience working in law. That focus their practice on civil and criminal litigation, insurance and Medicare audits and general counseling and advice within the realm of health care law.

The Least You Can Do if Your Hospice is Being Audited 

Whether your hospice is being audited now or have already received a MAC request letter as a consequence of a ZPIC audit, it is very essential to talk with a well-experienced health care fraud defense attorney immediately. Your attorney will be able to speak with the auditors on behalf of your presence. Then he  will advise you to make an appropriate move to fight and protect for your rights in order to prevent the determination of the liability. If you have taken a very bad determination, you have to evaluate your options for filing an appeal. And you may need to file quickly for an appeal also for you to prevent intermediate compensation liability.

The Possibilities of Opposing with The ZPICs Determination 

If you have gone now through the processing of the ZPIC audit, for sure, you are exactly not happy with the result.  For all the reasons being discussed among the others, the ZPIC audits commonly result in a not suitable determination. Just departing hospices to dispute requests for the compensation and protect themselves in some intrusive federal investigation. But better to say that there is an appeal process for brawling ZPIC audit determinations. This particular process begins with submitting a demand for a “redetermination” to the MAC that is assigned to your region.

Filing A Request for Reconsideration with QIC

Once the ZPIC’s findings are confirmed by the MAC as it is often the case, you can definitely appeal to that decision. You are just going to file a request for reconsideration with the proper Qualified Independent Contractor or QIC. To be guided properly and accordingly, you can pay for an attorney to do it for you. In the case that anyone within your management has been contacted by one of the representatives of the ZPIC. It is also strongly advised for you to seek for your legal representative as soon as possible. A good and experienced attorney will be able to guide your staff and negotiate with the ZPIC auditors on your behalf.


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