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Supply chain visibility – a welcome extra?



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Visibility is one of the key issues in managing logistics networks. It enables an exact representation of your inventory and offers support with operational decisions as well as with the assessment of uncertainties in your supply chain on the basis of data and information. One hundred percent visibility of every single step in the supply chain exists as a long-term concept, but in practice this approach is unlikely to prove constructive. The key challenge for every supply chain manager is therefore to find the right level of transparency for the right use case with the right application for visibility.

Supply chain visibility is an item that is high on the agenda for all supply chain managers. The relevance of this statement is underscored by the upcoming technological trends for this year that Forbes has compiled. Supply chain visibility with a product tracking software is one of the decisive factors for the successful monitoring of complex supply chains. It improved supply chain visibility has long been more than just a welcome addition for companies, regardless of size, location or industry.

Supply chain visibility means the exchange and availability of information and data within and between companies. The focus is on track-and-trace conditions, the locations of goods and resources, predictive forecasts, demand data and an improved overview of upstream and downstream business partners. In short, visibility stands for control and management of your supply chain.

Visibility as a trailblazer for decisions because of course, most companies would claim that they are in control of their supply chains. In a fast-paced world like ours, unexpected changes cannot be avoided and incidents are part of day-to-day business.

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