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Sweat With Kayla Itsines App Review



Sweat With Kayla Itsines App Review

Kayla is a fitness trainer and has shared her personal experience and knowledge that she has gained in her several years of dealing with customers in maintaining their body shape. Earlier Kayla had launched bikini body guides e-books that contained tutorials about training workouts that served as a guide to people looking for toning their body. You can read the complete review about the Kayla Itsines app on The books contains the cardio workout program BBG2.0 that is quite effective in weight management and and you can get an awesome bikini shape with just 30 minutes of workout on a daily basis for 13-24 weeks.

Kayla Itsines app

After the success of the BBG2.0 guide and e-books, Kayla launched a mobile app for iOS platform which can be used with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. This app is known as Kayla Itsines app and is a paid app which is available on the iTunes for download and use. Although it is a good fitness app it is just the snapshot and copy of the BBG 2.0 e-book. If you are using the existing books for workout sessions then there is no point in wasting your money on this app. But if you are not using this e-book then the app is quite user friendly and easy to use. Also the images that are shown in the app are quite useful and it really works.

But the developers of the app could have made it more interactive rather than just a set of images. Many of the fitness apps nowadays includes a variety of features such as interactive exercise regime, video tutorials, live chat and a lot more. All thes features could be included in this Itsines app also. But it just mentions the images of the exercises that must be done for staying fit and it has named it as BBR 3.0 version. But according to reviews by Barbara on

 There is no major difference in this new version as compared to the two old versions of e-book. There is a lot of scope for improvement in this app and the developers and team need to focus on doing so considering the advances happening in technology.

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