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The Art and Soul of Fabulous Hospitality



The feeling of awakening in a strange room, in a strange town, is one of the pleasantest feeling which cannot be replicated. When a person travels to a new place, it gives time to think, to introspect and understand things around the world. Traveling is an adventure, because every task leads a person to new discoveries and new experiences. One such task is finding the right place to stay and it can get tricky because of the choices available.

Safe choices aren’t bad choices

In a person’s life the choices made reflect on their life in a positive or negative way, so choices are made after careful analysis. This can be applied for selecting a good hotel to stay as a travel experience can become a nightmare if a wrong choice is made. Some criteria are listed below to give insight into the factors affecting the choice of a hotel

  • The location of the hotel

 The accessibility of the hotel from the airports and the distance between the hotel and the places one wishes to visit is an important factor while selecting a hotel. It should have good transportation facility. This will make the stay enjoyable.

  • Ambience

When a guest enters the hotel, if they are transported to a fantasy land, then it will make their stay enjoyable. The guest must have the warmth and feel of home away from their home during their stay

  • Service and hospitality

The staff at the hotel must treat the guest with warmth and friendliness

  • Food and Cost

The food must satisfy taste buds and the stay must give value for money to the guests.

The stay at hotels gives a person freedom and opens the way for new realizations which can be cherished forever. So, dear traveler, Pack your bags and leave for the dream destination.

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